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   Kaveri Sankramana or Tula Sankramana
Kaveri Sankramana festival normally takes place in mid-October and is one of the prominent and sacred festivals of the Coorg. On a predetermined date and time of Tulasankranthi every year the spring from Gundige overflows called Thirthodbhava. This holy water is carried home by all pilgrims when they go back after paying the last rituals to their parent or spouse departed during the preceding year. Kaveri Sankramana is celebrated at Talakaveri the birth place of river Kaveri.

On Kaveri Sankramana day a fountain from a small tank fills the holy tank at Talakaveri. People from all over the state gather at this place to dip in this holy water or Theertha. The Kaveri Theertha is collected in bottles and reaches every home throughout Coorg. This Theertha is preserved in all Kodava homes. A spoonful of this water is fed to the dying, in the belief that they will attain moksha and gain entry to heaven.
   Unforgettable Places @ Coorg
Omkareshwar Temple Raja's Seat
Abbi Falls Tala Cauvery
Bagamandala Golden Temple
The Fort with Palace Irupu Falls
Gadduge Chelevar Falls
Harangi Dam Dubare
Goldern Temple Nagarhole
Mandalapatti Yemmemadu Dargah(Soofi Shahid)
onecoorg , onecoorg logo, one coorg logo, logo, directory